204 - Spider-Man Homecoming

• July 13th, 2017

This week we forgo movie news and we give the final word on Cracked.com's list of "20 Shows and Movies That Don't Deserve The Praise They Get." We also review Marvel's new "Spider-Man Homecoming" and at the end of the program we review the 2011, gay-themed romantic indie, "Weekend." 

Spider-Man Homecoming trailer

Weekend trailer



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203 - Baby Driver

• July 7th, 2017

This week we record live from San Diego on the night of 4th of July. We review Edgar Wright's new action film "Baby Driver" and the Tupac biopic "All Eyez on Me." Keith talks about the Netflix Homework "Glengarry Glen Ross," which has since been pulled from the streaming service before Cassidy could watch it, and we compare Ron Howard to different diet cola brands. 

Baby Driver trailer

All Eyez on Me trailer

Glengarry Glen Ross trailer

Time Stamps: 
Intro Banter: 1:30*
Movie News:  8:46*
Baby Driver review: 23:42*
All Eyez on Me review: 46:14*
Glengarry Glen Ross review: 1:06:22*
Wrap Up and Contact info: 1:16:58*

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202 - It Comes at Night

• June 22nd, 2017

Hello. This week friend of show Amanda Kowalski steps in for Keith to help Cassidy review the indie-thriller "It Comes at Night" and the animated film "Captain Underpants: First Epic Movie." In the news segment, we discuss Henry Selick's new project with The Russo Brothers, Jessica Chastain's casting in the upcoming Dark Phoenix movie and, at the end, we give our streaming recommendations. Amanda also talks about the ups and downs of her 365 movie's in a year project. 

Captain Underpants trailer

It Comes at Night trailer

Time Stamps:
Intro/banter: 1:10*
Movie news: 9:10*
Captain Underpants review: 26:32* 
It Comes at Night review: 41:00*
Streaming recommendations: 58:22*
Wrap Up and Contact info: 1:09:30



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201 - Wonder Woman

• June 8th, 2017

This week Keith gets a beef off his chest against Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, we run through backed up movie news from the previous weeks, and we review the long-awaited "Wonder Woman" movie. We also discuss our most Californian habits or traits and at then end of the podcast we review the animated cult-comedy "Nerdland" as our Netflix Homework.

Wonder Woman trailer

Nerdland trailer

intro/banter - 00:58 *
movie news - 09:40 *
Wonder Woman review - 28:15 *
Nerdland review - 57:30 *
wrap up and contact info - 1:10:50   

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200 (pt.2) - Listener Q&A

• May 30th, 2017

This half of the 200th episode contains our Q&A segment with listeners who sent in their questions. Topics include: how one teaches improv comedy, when spoilers are and are not appropriate, our all-time favorite television shows, High School, our pop-culture obsessions, the future of cinema, and accidental racism. Thank you to everyone for listening, thanks for sending in your questions and for hanging on as long as you have.

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200 (pt.1) - Alien Covenant

• May 25th, 2017

Welcome to part one of our 2-part 200th episode. In this half, Richard Wolley returns to help Cassidy and Keith review every movie in the "Alien" franchise, from 1979 to 2017. The episode concludes with a full review of Ridley Scott's latest prequel "Alien Covenant." We answer a few listener questions at the beginning of the show, but the bulk of our official Q&A segment will be covered in the episode's second half, which will be released early next week. Enjoy!

Alien Covenant trailer

time stamps:
04:40 - Listener questions teaser
12:00 - Alien review
18:00 - Aliens review
26:00 - Alien 3 review
31:30 - Alien Resurrection review
39:00 - Alien Vs Predator review
48:40 - Alien Vs Predator Requiem review
56:40 - Prometheus review 
01:03:41 - Alien Covenant review


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199 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

• May 11th, 2017

This week we discuss lots of geeky stuff, including Free Comic Book Day, the possibility of a new "Hellboy" reboot, and of course we review Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy vol: 2." At the end, we also review the direct-to-Netflix dramedy/thriller "I Don't Feel At Home In the World Anymore." 

Guardians vol:2 trailer

I Don't Feel At Home... trailer 

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198 - Fate of the Furious

• May 4th, 2017

In this episode Cassidy talks about the darker corners of Reddit, Keith discusses his basketball injury and we review the box-office breaker "Fate of the Furious." We also discuss a new Lonely Island movie in the works, an upcoming Netflix "Carmen Sandiego" cartoon, and for our Netflix Homework we review the Documentary "Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films." 

Fate of the Furious trailer

Electric Boogaloo trailer

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197 - Colossal

• April 27th, 2017

This week we review the independantly released sci-fi dramedy "Colossal," starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. We also weigh in on the news of Will Smith's possible turn as the Genie in Disney's live-action Aladdin remake, and we give you our (hopefully not racist) "DreamCast" to fill out the other roles in the film. As our Netflix Homework, we review 2014's "Paddington."

Colossal trailer

Paddington trailer

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196 - Ghost in the Shell

• April 13th, 2017

This week we discuss the American live-action remake of the cult anime "Ghost in the Shell," and for the Netflix homework we review the Bill Paxton thriller "Frailty." We also talk more about our recent concert outings, Robert Rodriguez's connection with the "Escape from New York" remake, and Seth Rogan's involvement with the developing film adaptation of Robert Kirkman's ultra-violent comic book series "Invincible." 

Ghost in the Shell trailer

Frailty trailer


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